Booking Policy

1. All bookings to be paid for in full at time of booking.

2. Applications for refunds must be made at least 28 days prior to arrival date or be subject to resale.

3. Refunds for bookings made within 28 days of arrival date will be subject to resale.

4. All refunds are subject to a 10% cancellation fee . Alternatively, if you should wish to take your refund in the form of a credit note, no charge will be made, but the credit note will be valid for one year from the date of original booking

5. We can only accept bookings for families with babies under the age of 4 if all rooms are booked out by the same party.

6. Any damage caused by guests, will be paid for in full by the guests. If the damage leaves any or all of Grayling house in a condition unsuitable for use we will also seek to recover monies lost through loss of amenity .

7. Person(s) behaving in a manner likely to adversely  effect fellow guests will be asked to leave immediately .


N.B. We would always recommend having adequate travel insurance to cover any loss.


Smoking Policy

Grayling House has a strict no smoking policy. Any guest found to be smoking in any part of the house will be asked to leave immediately.

As we are not able to sell rooms that smell of smoke, any guest who is found to have smoked either in their room or out of the window will be charged an amount of not less than £100.00 and maybe considerably more to cover any loss of income due to loss of amenity.

Guests are allowed to smoke in the parking area.


Dog Policy:

1. Dogs to stay only by prior arrangement

2. Guests must provide dogs own bed.

3. On no account are dogs to be left in room unaccompanied.

4. Dogs must be well behaved clean and Frontlined ( or similar)

5. There is a £10 per night, per dog charge. (Max 2 dogs)