More on The Larmer tree gardens

Known as ‘the jewel of Cranbourne Chase’ the Larmer tree gives guests of Grayling house B&B Salisbury a chance to experience a true master class in English eccentricity. It was designed as a play garden for public ‘enlightenment and entertainment’ with the eye for excess the Victorian era was famed for. Over the top?…well yes. A tad ostentatious?… Probably. Stunning and gorgeous?.. Most definitely.

Thomas Hardy once said that it was, ‘Quite the prettiest sight I have seen in my life’. High praise indeed but I know where he was coming from, it has a quite delightful feel to it.

Entertainment is still at the heart of Larmer tree gardens with something for all tastes throughout the year but it is still very much worth a visit for the gardens themselves. A great family  day out.


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