An introduction to Stonehenge


Gateway to the Mystic West.

Neolithic football goal posts for my brothers and I, that’s what they are. Quite a good shelter for my Dads paraffin stove so we could have a quick brew up. Great place for a bit of hide and seek. As kids it was our favourite stop off point on the way to the far west for our holidays.

The mighty Sarson stones of the legendary Henge mean different things to different people; Druid sacrificial site, place of healing, place of worship, alien landing site,crossroad for the magical lines of Earth power. There have been some crackers over the years.

Modern archaeological techniques have answered some of the major mysteries but there is still enough doubt in certain areas to keep us wondering and it is these areas that take it from being merely interesting to awe inspiring and magical.

There is no doubt; Stonehenge is one of the most recognisable places on Earth. One minute you are traveling across the beautiful Salisbury plain, there would be no way of knowing where you are really, you then crest a hill and a vista hoves into view that is so well known that the vast majority of people on the planet would know exactly where they were.

Stonehenge is quite simply very special; no trip to the mystic West of these Isles is complete without it. Do the excellent talking tour with English Heritage by all means but do try to come back at sunset for the Real Deal. There will be You, the Henge , the blood red sunset we get so often on the high plain and the goose bumps on your arms. Whether you believe in the legends and folklore that surround this famous place is largely irrelevant, just go there and soak up the feel of one of the most iconic monuments in all history.

The one mystery that will never be solved however is ,why was it always my turn to go in goal? My brothers tell me it has something to do with Ley lines, me, I’m not so sure.

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