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Longleat Safari Park. The Wild West of Wiltshire.

I first went to Longleat Safari Park about forty years ago, and I must be honest I thought it was absolutely wonderful. In fairness it was probably a bit basic back then but that did not matter a jot to this ten year old.  As a  viewer of TV’s ‘Daktari’ I went there with the wide eyed expectation befitting my age and was not disappointed; there was Clarence the cross eyed lion (well it looked like him anyway), jeeps with zebra stripes, giraffes, monkeys and probably a pith hat or two, basically, this particular great white hunter was on Safari!!

Now jump forwards forty years and we are driving into Longleat again and I must say I was not too sure that the lovely Lorraine was going to fall for the great white hunter routine but hey, if the worst comes to the worst we’ll have a quick whiz round, see everything they had to offer and get a bit of lunch.

Well I need not have worried, from the moment we entered I knew we were in for a treat, the whole place has a great feel to it, all the animals look in the most wonderful condition and the whole facility looks very loved. There is an enormous choice of things to do and see and all are straight out of the top drawer, it matters not if it rains or shines there is more than enough to give you and the kids a day to remember. In fact Lorraine and I have been back four times since then and we are still yet to see Longleat House as there is just so much to do, so please do get there early as you will find yourself running out of time.

Also think twice before taking your nice shiny car through the monkey enclosure as it can be a bit of a destruction derby; the bus is the best option for that part of the safari.

All in all I think you will have to look  hard to get a better value day out for the family. Can’t fault it!

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